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Review Of Chiropractor Troy Lawrence's Audiobook/Video On Neandertals and Transitional Fossils.




The Origin of Matter, Space, Time, and Life

by Dr. Troy Lawrence (Chiropractor)


Troy has posted what he calls "one chapter in my book" on his website at   Turns out it really isn't a chapter in his book.  I ordered his book on September 19, 2015 and will review it soon.  In the meantime, here is my rebuttal to what he presented on his website.  Troy has been active in a couple facebook groups about creationism and is aware I have posted responses to his assumptions but he has refused to respond. 


1. "When soil is deposited by the slow natural uniformitarian process, it doesn’t exclusively deposit only sand for 100,000 years, then limestone for the next million years, then mud with biomass for a million years, then mud without biomass for a million years, and so forth. No, all the soil sediment is mixed together. But when we look at the crust of the earth, the soil is in layers and segregated. This proves that the soil was once mixed together in a global flood, then as the soil settled, it settled according to density and formed layers. We can test this by mixing soil in water, then let it settle. 100% of the time the soil will settle in layers based on its density. Therefore, the layers of the crust is proof positive that the soil came quickly, was mixed together in a global flood, then settled according to density.

Based on the scientific method, we are able to observe that the Bible’s global Flood matches perfectly with the empirical data of the soil in the crust, and that the slow deposit hypothesis that evolutionists use (uniformitarian) is incongruous with the observable evidence. Furthermore, we can test that soil settles in water in layers, just as the Biblical Flood caused, and each test testifies against the old age belief required to support evolution."

Aeolian processes deposit nothing but sand, shallow marine environments deposit limestone, mudstone and shale come from low energy marine environments like the deep ocean. All the sediment is not mixed together. You haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about. None of this is evidence for any global flood.

2) "Meteorites usually get burned up in the atmosphere. However, roughly ~50,000 meteorites hit earth each year. But did you know that there are no meteorites found in the lower layers of the crust. If evolutionary geologists are correct, and each layer is estimated to be 100,000 to million years old, then there should be ~5 billion meteorites per layer. But since there are none, then either no meteorites hit the earth for 100s of millions of years, or the layers of the crust came quickly from the global Flood of Genesis. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that the soil came quickly, and for this reason alone, there is not enough time for evolution."

Where did you get the information that we have never found any meteorites in the lower layers of the crust? Have you researched this at all? Here's something for you to read:

Cosmic-ray exposure ages of fossil micrometeorites from mid-Ordovician
sediments at Lynna River, Russia.

3) "There are no erosion marks between each layer. The layers are uniformly deposited without the usual erosion marks that comes from rain. Thus, either there was no rain on the earth while each layer was slowly being deposited over millions of years, or the layers came quickly from the catastrophic Flood of Genesis and the soil settled in layers according to their density.
And for this reason, the soil was deposited quickly to account for no erosion marks from rain. That is, the Genesis catastrophic Flood."

What layers are you talking about? Here in Arizona we see lots of erosion between layers. Ancient streambeds, fluvial deposits, complete erosion of layers in some places while they remain intact in others. No erosion from rain? If I didn't know better I would say this is farcical. I can even show you fossilized rain drops I have found in layers you claim were laid down during the mythical flood.

4) "Polystrata petrification and fossilization. There are observable evidences of petrified trees that transcend what evolutionary geologist call millions of years. No tree will wait around for the layers to slowly accumulate. Once the first layer comes, the tree will die and decay to dust before the second layer could finish. Thus, each petrified tree transcending through multiple layers represents that the soil came quickly, not over millions of years....."

There is not one "polystrate" fossil I am aware of that has not been explained by conventional geology. It doesn't always take millions of years to cover a tree in order for it to become petrified. Many of the examples given by creationists were explained back in the 1800's but they choose to ignore it.

5) "We observe looking at the crust that there are examples of many layers that have bended from tectonic plates colliding. However, the bends in the layers represents that the soil was hot, malleable, and not hard as seen today. This evidence stands against the slow deposit belief because of the lack of cracks in the layers, and the visible bending of the layers. This supports the layers came quickly and settled while being warm from the catastrophic global flood. And not cold over millions of years."

Cold over millions of years? The bends and folds in the layers happened while the area was subducted and subjected to extreme heat and pressure, long before it rose and was exposed again by erosion. Many folded layers have cracks, but many don't. It depends on the type of rock and the environment in which it folded. This is Geology 101.

"This is only one chapter in my book."

And it reads like it was written by a 4th grader home schooled with material from Answers in Genesis. You lack even a basic understanding of geology. You may fool some people who are willing to ignore the facts because they really, really want to believe in a literal Genesis but not anyone who has studied the subjects you have written on. I can only imagine what the rest is like.




Chiropractor Troy Lawrence On Facebook

Back in 2015 when I purchased Troy Lawrence's book I offered to let him respond in a facebook group to claims he made that were obviously false. His response was to block me.




Here's the same image he photoshopped into a picture frame.