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Sal Giardina

Sal Giardina lives not far from me in Mesa, Arizona and he operates New Creation Ministries at  He likes to post ads for his website and infrequent seminars in facebook groups but rarely sticks around to discuss what he has posted.   

Creation Talk Radio

Sal has been trying to launch "Creation Talk Radio" on our local AM Radio talk station KFNX for a while now but can't seem to get enough donations to get it off the ground.  I offered to pay for the first episode if he would debate me on his home school presentation titled "Fossils Refute Evolution" during the early summer of 2015 and he has not responded.  I have been in communication with the station President and Program Manager Francis Battaglia and he sent me a copy of the contract they use so I am aware of the cost and conditions regarding booking a series of shows.

Sal's web page on his fossil presentation contains nothing but misinformation and quote mines.  I'm beginning to think no such presentation really exists.