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Are Polystrate Trees Evidence For A Biblical Flood?


Geologists realize that sometimes layers are formed quickly and others take millions of years due to their depositional environment.  The layers around these trees obviously formed quickly.  Most, if not all upright tree fossils are found in stream bed deposits or volcanic layers and these layers show rapid deposition. No one claims they took millions of years.

The Joggins Formation featured in the video was once part of an alluvial flood plane where a river was subject to massive annual flooding.  It would overflow its banks and trees would be carried downstream and become stuck in various positions. They could easily have been covered in just a matter of years.

If these tree fossils were the result of a worldwide flood, we would expect to see these preserved upright trees throughout most sedimentary layers all over the world. We don't see that at all. The only logical conclusion is these trees became covered quickly in local events.  This information is readily available in journals, books, on the internet and has been published for over 150 years.  Why do creationists keep misrepresenting what geologists say about these fossils?  The only people they are fooling are the ones who haven’t studied this at all.