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Did Mark Armitage Win A Lawsuit Against CSUN And Destroy Evolution?


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From Mark Armitage's YouTube Channel

altWhat Really Happened

Mark Armitage was a part-time temporary lab tech at CSUN who helped set up and train people on a new microscope purchased by the University.  Students complained that he was proselytizing and talking about a 6,000 year old Earth while training them. Of course his supervisors did not and should not allow this kind of thing so he was terminated. They also cited budgetary concerns since was strictly part-time and temporary.  

Armitage also discovered soft tissue in a supposed triceratops horn he found in the Hell Creek Formation in Montana (some sources claim it is really a bison horn). He published his findings in a scientific journal along with help from an actual scientist, and listed himself as CSUN Faculty on the paper. No age was assigned to the fossil, which is extremely unusual when publishing such a discovery.

When Armitage was terminated from CSUN, he made the claim he was discriminated against and fired for publishing an article that destroyed evolution and an old Earth. Nothing could be further from the truth. A lawsuit was filed and the Judge threw out 3 out of 5 allegations before the trial was scheduled, including the one where Armitage says he was fired for writing the paper. The Judge also ruled he would not be eligible for punitive damages on the remaining charges, so Armitage took an offer to settle out of court instead of going forward with his case. It is often more cost effective for a defendant to settle in this way instead of going to trial, and it is not an admission of guilt.

Not long after the case was dismissed with prejudice, Armitage made a video announcing his big Win In Court and Christian news sources picked up on it and began to spread it around, where it was of course shared by young earth creationists. Armitage didn't go to trial, he didn't win in court, and he wasn't fired over his discovery like he still claims. This just goes to show how dishonest many of these creationists can be.

Jackson Wheat did a great summary in a video on his YouTube channel last year:

This was Mark Armitage's ResearchGate Profile

Does this look like a Biology Professor or a Part-Time Temp Employee?