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Creationist Misinformation Exposed: Folding Rock


"How could a series of sedimentary layers fold without fracturing? The only way is for all the sedimentary layers to be laid down in rapid succession and then be folded while still soft and pliable.......

......The only way to explain how these sandstone and limestone beds could be folded, as though still pliable, is to conclude they were deposited during the Genesis Flood, just months before they were folded."  Dr. Andrew Snelling, Answers in Genesis. 

Snelling is supposed to be a reputable geologist, but he makes a huge mistake here claiming "the only way" these layers could be folded is after a biblical flood.  There is another way and it certainly is no secret.  This is basic geology, in fact the image used here showing convergent plate boundaries is from a Geology 101 course.  The instructor also used the Zagros Mountains in Iraq as an example of extreme rock folding, as creationists often do.  

As shown in the diagram, when one plate slides under another plate during a process called subduction, extreme heat and pressure builds at the point where the two plates meet.  Some rock is scraped off the lower plate forming what is called an accretionary wedge, and this is what we see as mountains.  During this process sedimentary rock layers under extreme heat and pressure may be compressed and folded at the point shown by the red arrow.  As the plates continue to move, the folded rock is then pushed upwards as shown by the black arrows in the diagram, and it is later exposed by erosion. This simple and well understood geological process shows no worldwide flood is needed at all.  


Rock Layers Folded, Not Fractured: Flood Evidence Number Six, by Dr. Andrew A. Snelling  on April 1, 2009

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