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My Live Debate With Eric "Wolfbitn" Jewell - Are Neandertals Just Another Race Of Modern Man?

My Experience With Eric "Wolfbitn" Jewell

I ran into this guy in a couple creationist groups and watched him try to bully people into debating him "LIVE RIGHT NOW ONE ON ONE JUST YOU AND ME."  lol  On one topic I saw him make the claim "Neanderthals are just another race of modern man" so I challenged him to a live debate.  We agreed on the terms, which included no party would post an edited version of the debate, it must be shown in its entirety.  I offered to let him go first and he initially agreed, but then he changed his mind and accused me of being up to no good so he demanded he go last.  I could see he wasn't going to debate unless I went first, so after a couple days of watching him accuse me of backing out I agreed.  A link to the debate is posted above.

After the debate, Eric came at me with multiple facebook profiles demanding a re-match using the same "DO IT NOW OR EVERYONE WILL KNOW YOU ARE AFRAID" tactic.  We exchanged some personal messages which he took screen shots of and made a bizarre video titled "Wolfbitn Finishes Bill Ludlow - The REAL Bill, Debate 2" where he "live debates" the messages I wrote.  Weird?  It gets weirder.  There's a facebook group he admins where I saw him challenge people to defend what I said during our debate by going "LIVE RIGHT NOW OR YOU ARE A COWARD."  If he can't get me to debate again he is looking for surrogates!  He kept harassing me by personal messages until I was forced to block his accounts. 

A friend of his uploaded a version of our debate leaving out the most important parts and edited it to make it appear I was saying something I didn't actually say.  Instead of admonishing him for posting an edited version in violation of our agreement, Eric endorsed it and shared the video himself.  That is when I made the video linked below in response.  This is my final word about this and I will not be commenting further about him.  If you run into Eric "Wolfbitn" Jewell anywhere on the interwebs I strongly encourage you to just back away slowly and not engage him.  He is probably the most un-Christian creationist I've ever run into and you will regret it.  

Video - Eric WolfBitn Jewell Busted And Exposed!