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Young Earth Creationist Hoaxes Are An Everyday Thing


These posts above are from the facebook group Kent Hovind: the Man, the Ministry, and the Message. A YEC is called out on his use of a photoshopped image of a moth. I see things like this all the time. It is due to lack of research and a general disregard for the truth. When confronted with the deception, the creationist said "Maybe I didn't know it was" (fake). Maybe?  Really? You may have posted it on purpose?

Here are a couple more examples of of outright false claims I've recently seen creationists make lately. 


I remember a few years ago the doorknobs in coal was shared on a YEC facebook page called Biblical Creation and it had over 2,000 shares. It is just as wrong now as it was then. Looks like it is making the rounds again though. No one ever dated any of it using carbon dating. I guess you can fool some of the people all of the time.

"The Brunette was a 274 ton screw propeller freighter, built in 1867 by Pusey & Jones Yards, Wilmington, Delaware. On February 1, 1870, The Brunette was en route from New York to Philadelphia with a general cargo. At 10:00 PM she collided with the Santiago de Cuba." Coal from the ships boiler room was scattered throughout the wreck. The ship wreck is commonly known as the "Door Knob Wreck" because it contained many cases of door knobs as cargo when it went down."

link: The Brunette Shipwreck

The creationist version of a rock painting in Africa (corrected) was posted by the admin of a YEC facebook group called Creation VS Evolution: A Discussion In Truth.  It was an obvious photoshop with the hilarious creationist "hadrosaurs" and when he was called out on it, he didn't care. They just make excuses for their ignorance and gullibility. 


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