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YEC Salesman Russ Miller Rejected By Church


Russ Miller, who runs Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries out of Flagstaff, Arizona holds seminars at churches across the country and hosts rafting trips in the Grand Canyon where he teaches young earth creationism to both children and adults. The name of his organization is all wrong, since he only teaches young earth creationism and not evolution or science at all. In a recent facebook post, Russ was complaining about how he was denied a speaking engagement recently because the Pastor and his congregation believe in an old earth.

This is great news! It's my opinion that young earth creationism can be stamped out or at least greatly reduced within a few decades if more Christians accept science like modern physics and geology that show an Earth created in 6 days only 6,000 years ago is not only impossible, but absurd. In order to do that we need to expose and ridicule YECism, not Christianity or religion in general. 

Here are some more of Russ's facebook comments on this topic below:

And look! A comment from Dr. G. Charles Jackson, the "Mr. Mensa" guy who stopped making his almost daily YEC videos after I ridiculed him in a series of videos!

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