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Will Young Earth Creationists Hijack This New Find?


A recent paper published in the the scientific journal L'Anthropologie on February 28 called Humanizing European Paleolithic art: A new visual evidence of human/bird interactions at L’Hort de la Boquera shows and describes rare art that features humans and birds dating to 12,500 years ago. How long will it be until we see these drawings featured in young earth creationist literature along with images of dinosaurs as evidence man lived alongside Deinicheirus mirificus or Tyrannosaurus rex

An article on the paper can be found at 

Science News

Palaeolithic art featuring birds and humans discovered

Creationists have been guilty of embellishing drawings like this and even combining multiple drawings that were made on top of each other at different times then using them as evidence people saw dinosaurs, so I think it is just a matter of time until we see these used too. One great example of creationist dishonesty in using ancient art is the Kachina Bridge Dinosaur, which is shown below. Even though this has been refuted a thousand times, you still see it posted on many creationist websites and it is shared as evidence for a young earth all the time. 


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