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The Day The Dinosaurs Died

A new discovery in the Hell Creek Formation near Bowman, North Dakota gives us direct evidence that dinosaurs survived right up until the comet hit 66 million years ago. The discovery is right at the layer featuring the K-Pg Boundary and contains direct evidence of the meteor strike.

"The heaving sea turned into a 30-foot wall of water when it reached the mouth of a river, tossing hundreds, if not thousands, of fresh-water fish — sturgeon and paddlefish — onto a sand bar and temporarily reversing the flow of the river. Stranded by the receding water, the fish were pelted by glass beads up to 5 millimeters in diameter, some burying themselves inches deep in the mud. The torrent of rocks, like fine sand, and small glass beads continued for another 10 to 20 minutes before a second large wave inundated the shore and covered the fish with gravel, sand and fine sediment, sealing them from the world for 66 million years."  LINK

Of course young earth creationists will try to tie this in with a worldwide flood, but how? Ken Ham teaches that dinosaurs were on the ark and they survived the biblical flood. Of course he's doing that just so he can include them in his Ark Encounter exhibits and lure children who love dinosaurs. Creationists have long claimed that evidence of marine fossils mixed with freshwater fossils in parts of the Hell Creek Formation are evidence for their flood, but now we have a solid, scientific explanation. We also have evidence of eroded river channels and reversed water flow which would be impossible for them to explain right in the middle of a continuous year-long flood. It will be interesting to see what the "creation scientists" at Answers in Genesis come up with, or if they will just ignore this major find. 

A seismically induced onshore surge deposit at the KPg boundary, North Dakota: Link to published paper at PNAS

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