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2019/2020 Nat Geo Live! Series

A couple of years ago I was chosen to be part of a team at our local museum that reaches out to children attending the National Geographic Live! presentations at the Mesa Arts Center here in downtown Mesa. Full presentations for adults are usually on a Wednesday evening and the following morning there is a presentation for thousands of children who attend on field trips from local schools.

Our team chooses things from the museum that connect with the presentation in some way and we talk to the children as they arrive and are seated for the presentation. It's a great way to meet thousands of children, promote the museum, and give them a quick lesson or hands on learning experience.

One of the perks is we get to hang out with the National Geographic Explorers in the green room before and after the show. We always offer them a museum tour and many have accepted. It's a great chance to get to know some incredible presenters, photographers, explorers, and scientists featured in National Geographic magazine and their films. I've kept in contact with some and there's a chance I may be collaborating on future projects with a couple of them!

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