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Yesterday the Standing For Truth YouTube channel uploaded a video that supposedly showed evidence for preserved ancient trees that existed before Noah's Flood. The channel is run by a young man who is quite a fan of Mr. Kent Hovind.  They showed several images of Devil's Tower in Wyoming. While geologists don't all agree on details about how it formed, they do all agree it isn't made of petrified wood and it certainly isn't a tree stump that is only a few thousand years old. I made a couple comments on their video and posted a screen shot on my Creation Science Fiction facebook page

It appears they must have done some actual research on the formation and the video was taken down.  You rarely see this with young earth creationists, and I see this as a good sign. Although some people were mocking and making fun of their ignorance in video comments, it seems to have worked this time. Rather than doubling down and standing by what they posted, this time they at least listened to the feedback and realized they couldn't defend what was presented in the video. 

I've been asking the owner of the Standing For Truth channel to participate in an online discussion on young earth creationism via Google Hangout for a couple of weeks now. I also have asked him to invite Matt Powell and the young man who goes by Guzman1611 on YouTube. My goal is to find out how they came to believe in a young earth and why they believe it is so important to reject evolution.

If you are interested in the various hypotheses on how the Devils Tower formation actually formed, there's some great information on the National Park Service website.

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