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New Weekly Show On Leaving Young Earth Creationism Coming Monday Nights!


UPDATE: YouTube polls show people overwhelmingly want the show at 9 pm EST so that's when it will be. 

Beginning Monday, September 2, I'll be hosting approximately an hour long live show on my Main YouTube channel at 10 pm EST where we discuss current issues in science and/or creationism with a guest who is a former YEC. I've created a website page devoted to the channel and will be creating a schedule soon. I've already been contacted by several former young earthers who would love to tell their story. 

My first show will feature Luke Douglas, Executive Director of the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, who is a former YEC. Luke has a lifetime pass to Ken Ham's Ark Encounter and Creation Museum given to him by a family member and he not only visited them many times, he knows people who have worked there.

The Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate back in February, 2014 was a turning point for Luke. He began to question what he was taught all his life and check into the real science behind creationist claims, and the result was he left Christianity all together and became an atheist activist. What a great story!

I'll be using a program called StreamYard for the broadcasts and it is fully integrated with YouTube, it also has some great features not available with the now discontinued Google Hangouts. Live chat will be available as will Super Chat for those who wish to contribute. I will also be able to feature comments at the bottom of the screen during our Q & A at the end of each show. 


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