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New Species Of Dinosaur Announced Today!

I attended the press conference this morning at the Arizona Museum of Natural History where I volunteer in Mesa, AZ announcing a new species of tyrannosaur, Suskityrannus hazelea, which means Hazel's Coyote Tyrant. Suski is the word for coyote in the Zuni language from the area where the discovery was made on the border of Arizona and New Mexico. The speakers are Museum Director Tom Wilson, Hazel Wolfe (namesake), Paleontologist Doug Wolfe, Curator of Paleontology Dr. Robert McCord, Paleo Artist Benji Paysnoe, and Curator of Education Alison Stoltman. Dr. Sterling Nesbitt was just 16 years old when he discovered the first fossil specimens of this species while on a dig with Doug Wolfe and the Southwest Paleontological Society. I can't stress enough the importance that organizations like that have in promoting Citizen Science and how they have lead to many new discoveries. Please check out my video on Citizen Science below. It also features other dinosaur discoveries here in Arizona.

From a local article:

"Sterling Nesbitt, lead author of the Nature Ecology and Evolution paper, was a teen volunteer at the Arizona Museum of Natural History when he was part of the team that discovered Suskitryannus. Now an assistant professor at Virginia Tech, he writes that "My discovery of a partial skeleton of Suskityrannus put me onto a scientific journey that has framed my career." 

New early Tyrannosaur sheds light on the evolution of later bone-crushing giants

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