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New Feature: Help Support What I Do On Patreon

A lot of people have asked me lately how they can help support what I do. I've created a Patreon account so I can spend more time as a volunteer educator at The Arizona Museum Of Natural History where I focus on teaching human evolution to children who attend on school field trips, so I can devote more time to making YouTube videos, and to help fund my geology and paleontology field work here in Arizona. Last year I volunteered over 300 hours and with your help I can beat that this year.

My focus at the museum is weekdays when we have the largest number of student field trips scheduled and I typically volunteer from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm which is when the school buses arrive and then pick up again. I focus on teaching human origins and training others to teach so we have coverage almost every day of the week. I also attend special weekend events and local events like the National Geographic Live events at the Mesa Arts Center, where museum employees and volunteers speak with children as they arrive for the presentation. Check out my about page for images and more details. 

My YouTube channel has really taken off lately, and if you haven't seen the content please click on the link below.



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