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New Extinct Human Species Found In The Philippines!

A new species of extinct hominin has been described, Homo luzonensis, named after the Island of Luzon where it was found. This diminutive species was as small or smaller than the "Hobbit" (Homo floresiensis).  Not much to go by yet, but they have found several teeth, hand and foot bones, and one thigh bone.  Lots of questions remain, but we now know that in addition to Homo sapiens there were Neandertals, Denisovans, Hobbits, and this new species all existing together in Asia as recently as 67,000 years ago. This new species is unusual in that the foot bones are more primitive and resemble much earlier hominins like Australopithecus who were still partly adapted to moving around in trees. 

Below is the cave where the fossils were found.

From the Abstract:

"A hominin third metatarsal discovered in 2007 in Callao Cave (Northern Luzon, the Philippines) and dated to 67 thousand years ago provided the earliest direct evidence of a human presence in the Philippines. Analysis of this foot bone suggested that it belonged to the genus Homo, but to which species was unclear. Here we report the discovery of twelve additional hominin elements that represent at least three individuals that were found in the same stratigraphic layer of Callao Cave as the previously discovered metatarsal. These specimens display a combination of primitive and derived morphological features that is different from the combination of features found in other species in the genus Homo(including Homo floresiensis and Homo sapiens) and warrants their attribution to a new species, which we name Homo luzonensis. The presence of another and previously unknown hominin species east of the Wallace Line during the Late Pleistocene epoch underscores the importance of island Southeast Asia in the evolution of the genus Homo."

More problems for creationists who believe all these hominins were special creations and not related. The evidence for human evolution grows every year as we discover new species and compile more data. Our evolutionary history was a tangled bush with many intertwining branches, and there's is no evidence for special creation at all. 

Link to article in Nature Magazine

What has been found so far is pictured below:

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