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My Creepy Internet Stalker Acting Like A 10 Year Old Girl Again

Gary Robokoff created another fake female profile, he seems to like pretending to be a young female, and started posting his usual nonsense in his facebook groups and on his (her?) page. Maybe he identifies as a young female now? Who are we to judge...  I actually feel sorry for the old guy as he must be mentally ill. 

Amazing how so many young earth creationists will tell outright lies and go out of their way to harass people who disagree with them, or if they don't do it themselves they still support those who do. These people aren't Christians at all. They sure don't behave like Christians. More evidence that the whole thing is a sham. 

If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be--a Christian.
Mark Twain's Notebook

My stalker is also using a fake facebook account to post videos with libelous and false information on my business page. I've chosen to report them to facebook as harassment rather than delete them. Let him spend a little time in facebook jail, lol. 


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