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Monetizing YouTube, Patreon, And My New Amazon Page


When I first started this website and my YouTube channel, I never really gave any thought to monetizing my videos or making any money off of this. Discussing Creationism was just more of a hobby and studying Human Origins has been an interest of mine for decades. The more videos I've made and the more I've published on these topics, the more people have told me how much they appreciate what I'm doing and so many have asked how they can contribute. 

My goal is not to get rich, only to be able to spend more time doing exactly what people have been asking for, which is more videos and articles. If I'm able to make enough to keep doing this 10 - 20 hours a week, that means I will be able to work less at my regular job and spend more time volunteering at our local museum teaching children about evolution as they arrive on field trips during the week and during special events.  It will also help me fund more field work at the track site I discovered here in Arizona where so far we have documented 94 sets of 270 million year old mammal-like reptile tracks. My next trip there is May 28 with the Curator Of Paleontology from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and a couple volunteers.

On my Amazon page I will be suggesting many of the books I've read and found useful on Human Origins, Creationism, Evolution, and Geology/Paleontology as well as some fun items like clothing, etc.  It's a work in progress but I should have a lot of good books and other things there listed within a week. For those of you who have contributed so far and encouraged me, a big THANK YOU! 


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