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Kent Hovind Eats Apricot Seeds And Appears Dazed And Confused

Mister Kent Hovind dedicated a video to me uploaded on 4/17/2019 where he was supposedly responding to a couple videos I made on the nonsense he peddles, but instead of addressing the content of the videos he chose to attack the comments on my latest video and personally challenge each one to a live debate. 

During his video he eats several apricot seeds, passes them out to his small audience, and even suggests they feed some to the dog. Later on in the video Kent starts forgetting things and even greeted someone just arriving with "Welcome to Pensacola" instead of Lenox, Alabama where the video was being filmed. 

Apricot seeds contain cyanide and their toxic effects are well documented. I cover that in my video but Mister Hovind chose to ignore that and attack people who made negative comments about him instead. This is what people do when they know they cannot support their claims. His small audience laughs and cheers him on as he makes a complete fool of himself, oblivious to the danger of consuming cyanide. 

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