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John Hawks On Our African Origins

The following is a link to an excellent, recent lecture given by paleoanthropologist John Hawks in front of the American Society for Human Genetics. John Hawks is unique in that he has a background and education in studying both genetics and the fossil record. This conflicts with the young earth creationist worldview where they believe we were all created in our present form around 6,000 years ago.

Three big insights into our African origins


He makes the following three important points:

"First, modern humans did not originate in a bottleneck after 200,000 years ago. Our origin was much deeper in time than this.

Second, our species originated in Africa from deeply structured ancestral populations. These were much more different from each other than any human populations are today. We do not know how they interacted or which gave rise to living peoples.

Third, some of these deeply divergent populations survived in Africa until recent times. During the time of human origins, “modern” humans were not alone."

Our ancestral hominins in Africa living at any given time before the last couple hundred thousand years ago were a diverse group.  Some left Africa at different times, but those populations had little overall influence on who we are today. While Europeans may have up to 4% Neandertal genes and Asians may have up to 5% Denisovan today, the core of human evolution was Africa and that is still where most of our diversity comes from.

Most of us are descended from an original population that left Africa and who interacted and interbred with some of those who had left before, the exception being people still in Africa who's ancestors never left. We are not, however, only descended from one small population that was isolated while they were still in Africa. Those who did leave Africa were the product of a diverse group of hominins who lived and evolved there over millions of years. The most important thing to take away from his lecture is this:

"The human story is an African story. It was an African story before anybody lived anywhere else, and it stayed an African story even as it broadened to encompass the rest of planet Earth."




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