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Important New Skull Added At The AZMNH

I volunteer once or twice a week at the Arizona Museum of Natural History where I teach human origins to children on school field trips, or anyone who is visiting the museum that day. We've been slowly adding to our collection of skulls and stone tool artifacts and today we received the Bodo skull that was purchased last week. 

The Bodo skull is an important example of Homo heildelbergensis (Homo rhodesiensis) which shows the transition between Homo erectus to modern humans and is also the common ancestor between us and Neandertals. The Bodo skull was discovered by Alemayhew Asfaw, Paul Whitehead, and Craig Wood in the Awash River Valley of Ethiopia in 1976. With a cranial capacity of 1250cc it is just at the lower end of modern human brain size. 

Before we had this specimen we had to jump from Homo erectus to Neandertals and archaic Homo sapiens without being able to show the transition in between so it is a welcome addition!

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