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Herbivorous Crocodiles Must Have Lived Before The Fall?

The extreme idiocy of some young earth creationists never ceases to amaze me. There is a facebook page called "Darwin And The Mythical Evolutionary Beanstalk" that is run by someone so challenged they cannot grasp the basics of evolutionary theory and cannot even understand a simple article when they read it. A recent National Geographic article written about evolutionary cousins to modern crocodiles tells of a type of croc that was herbivorous and died out at the end the Cretaceous along with non-avian dinosaurs. If the author of the meme on the right in the image above had read and understood the article, he would never have posted such a silly meme.  From the article:

"Successful as they may once have been, herbivorous crocodyliforms didn’t make it past the mass extinction event that eliminated roughly three quarters of all species on Earth about 66 million years ago—despite the fact that the crocodilians alive today were among the very few large four-limbed animals that did survive. And no herbivorous crocs have evolved since, maybe because mammals took their place in that ecological niche.

“Becoming a herbivore always involves some kind of specialization,” says Attila Ősi, a Hungarian paleontologist who discovered a fair number of the teeth used in the study, but who was not involved in the work. That might be a disadvantage when the plants you like disappear. Another clue may lie in the fact that not just the herbivores, but all fully terrestrial crocs have gone extinct. The two dozen species alive today inhabit lakes, rivers, and occasionally seashores, where they mostly feed on meat and fish."

In young earth creationist facebook groups, they are obviously commenting on the meme or the article without reading or at least understanding what they read at all. Here are some of the comments:

"ALL animals were vegetarian before the fall."

"Nice, shared. aligns well with scriptural narrative testimony and the science aligns better with YeC between 4k and 6k YA than 200M YA as explained in by the YeC Moshe Emes series volume I 'Recent Complex Creation Framework' for understanding science."

"They weren’t living 200 or 20 million years ago and all of creation were vegetarians before the flood of Noah, so they did get that right."

Everything including T-Rex has had vegetation found in gut or coprolites.

"Yep, 200 million years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. Alligator came to my house for a tossed salad. He likes thousand island salad dressing too. Said it reminded him of all the places he visited."

"How did you come up with the 200 million years? How in the world did vegetation stay in the gut for that long? Since God made everything about 6000 years ago, I find it hard to believe a time line of 200 million years. Hell, the moon would have been scraping along the surface of the Earth that long ago."

"200 million years ago there was no such thing as a crocodile."

"I have to ask. Did they come with certified tags giving their age and dietary preference? Who certified them if so and who if not?"

"Before the fall."

"Funny how numerous animals from that same time period managed to survive, except dinosaurs. Must have been a very special asteroid."

It becomes obvious from reading their comments that most are just in denial of the facts. They choose to either ignore reading the actual article or ignore what the scientists are saying, and instead they reject the prospect of "millions of years" and try to fit the data into their biblical worldview by thinking herbivorous crocs must have lived before "The Fall." 

UPDATE 6/30/2019

Someone mentioned this blog post on the YEC facebook page where the meme was posted and of course he deleted the post and banned the person immediately, lol. Then he posted this, which demonstrates I was 100% correct in saying he doesn't understand evolution at all and didn't even understand the article he posted:

I guess he doesn't mind being used as a great example of YEC idiocy.



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