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Have I Created Another Monster?

What is it about some Kent Hovind fans that drives them to attack people personally and even go after their income? I just finished a 2 year ordeal with Kent Hovind's #1 Fan in Minnesota who came after the business I've owned and operated for over 12 years by attacking me online, trying to register my business trade name at the Federal level in order to get me to stop using it, and uploading hundreds of creepy videos about me while spending thousands of dollars.

Now this guy who appears to be from Australia says he's coming after my YouTube channel for inciting hatred of Mr. Hovind. There have been some angry or hateful comments coming from non-young earth creationists (normal people) on my videos, but not nearly as many as I see from people who follow Kent. Videos featuring Mr. Hovind make up about 15% of the total videos I have uploaded, but I also write articles, blog, and post frequently on facebook. I would guess that no more than 5% of the content I post has anything to do with Kent or his little adventureland in the woods and I've certainly never asked anyone to do anything to hurt him.

If he thinks I am completely focused on Mr. Hovind, he sure picked an appropriate name!

I deleted several nasty comments that he made on my YouTube channel the last 24 hours and he has become one of the few I have actually banned from commenting. Now I know why so many use screen names or pseudonyms to remain anonymous. Unfortunately those doing the attacking do the same in order to hide themselves. I know, I know.... welcome to the internet!  



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