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Gary Robokoff Is At It Again

UPDATE: New Video Coming On My Internet Stalker And Interview With A Major News Agency

I had all of my creepy internet stalker's YouTube channels removed in a single day thanks to a new contact at their main office so I emailed him and told him I would remove all my blog posts and hide all the videos documenting his personal attacks and his attacks on my company Dirty Goat Productions, which I did. I emailed him and asked him to withdraw his application for my business name that he filed for the third time with the United States Patent and Trademark  Office and guess what his response was...  He created a new YouTube channel and started posting videos about me again. You just can't fix stupid, especially when the person is a young earth creationist with a grudge after my debate with his idol Kent Hovind.

Link to both court cases where Gary Robokoff ran away from charges in Federal Court

Documenting FRAUD on the United States Patent And Trademark Office.


Discussion on the NonSequitur Show about my internet stalker.


An update on my internet stalker.


A funny video someone made about my internet stalker.


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