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Does It Take More Faith To Be An Atheist?

You hear it all the time, comments like "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" (it's even a book title), or today I saw "[Science] requires more faith in the 'god' of random chance than we need to have in God The Father." Is it really the same kind of faith?

There are two types of faith:

Obviously, only the first definition can apply to atheists as we don't believe in any gods and don't follow a religious doctrine.  We can place trust in science and confidence in the Theory Of Evolution or other theories because we see the evidence right before our eyes and have witnessed it is testable and the results are repeatable.  There is no god of random chance like some guy suggested today, only evidence that random chance has played a role in evolution. 

Now religious people, on the other hand, use both definitions of faith noted above on a daily basis. They may have complete trust or confidence in something based on evidence or experience like atheists, but they also use the second definition since they believe in things like gods based on the doctrine of their religion rather than evidence or proof. In the case of young earth creationism, they accept religious doctrine (if they really do) based strictly on what they are told while rejecting all the science that shows their belief is incorrect.

So does it take more faith to be an atheist? No, it takes much more faith, and a different kind of faith, to accept religious dogma and doctrines. Author and Preacher Frank Turek is wrong and so are those who mimic his words. 

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