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Documentary On Ken Ham's Ark Encounter To Premier Next Week

The documentary film "We Believe In Dinosaurs" is set to premier next week at the San Francisco Film Festival. It covers the construction and opening of Ken Ham's Ark Encounter amusement park and tries to get at the motivation behind it all. Looking forward to seeing this as it becomes available for a wider audience.


From a recent interview with co-director Clayton Brown in the Grant County News (Kentucky):


“(It is) the story of a controversial theme park being planned and constructed as seen through the eyes of those who are most impacted by it,” Brown said. “Our organization, 137 Films, creates documentary films about the intersection of science and culture, so that is the lens through which we view the story. While we are supporters of the scientific reality of evolution, we understand that this is a complicated story, one that involves people who are very passionate in their views on deeply personal issues. It’s always been our intention to be respectful and open, to listen and try to understand. That said, we are concerned, along with many Americans, about the state of science education in our country.”

“We understand that our ideas about science don’t align with theirs, and this might make it difficult for (Ark Encounter founder) Ken Ham and others to view the film in anything other than a negative light. But we believe if they see the film, they will see that they’ve been depicted as they presented themselves to us. Our goal in filming the creationists was to understand what they believe, and help others understand their belief system.” 


The film will be shown during the San Francisco Film Festival at the following times and locations:

Sat, April 13 at 2:00 pm -  Dolby Cinema

Mon, April 15 at 3:00 pm - Roxie Theater

Sun, April 21 at 2:00 pm - Grand Lake Theater

Link for Tickets


Thanks to Daniel Phelps for the heads up by posting about this on facebook.

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