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Do Creationists Really Teach That People Rode Dinosaurs?

Image from Ken Ham's book titled Dinosaurs Of Eden: Tracing The Mystery Through History published March, 2000 


I like to make the assertion that young earth creationists teach the earth is 6,000 years old and people rode dinosaurs, and some people are surprised or offended by this. It is true, they do teach this and not just a few of them because we see evidence of this from many YEC sources. 

The Acambaro Figurines are a great example of creationists teaching that people rode dinosaurs. They can be seen on many creationist websites and are often posted on internet forums and on facebook as evidence that people lived with dinosaurs, and that they apparently rode them too.

"Archaeologist Charles C. Di Peso was working for the Amerind Foundation, an anthropological organization dedicated to preserving Native American culture. Di Peso examined the figures and determined that they were not authentic, and had instead been produced by local modern-day farmers." (1)

He concluded that the figurines were indeed fakes: their surfaces displayed no signs of age; no dirt was packed into their crevices; and though some figurines were broken, no pieces were missing and no broken surfaces were worn. Furthermore, the excavation’s stratigraphy clearly showed that the artifacts were placed in a recently dug hole filled with a mixture of the surrounding archaeological layers. DiPeso also learned that a local family had been making and selling these figurines to Julsrud for a peso apiece since 1944, presumably inspired by films shown at Acámbaro’s cinema, locally available comic books and newspapers, and accessible day trips to Mexico City’s Museo Nacional. (2)



The Ica Stones from Peru are another great example of young earth creationists teaching that people rode dinosaurs and they are presented as evidence even more than the Acambaro Figurines. They are also an admitted hoax.

"Cabrera claimed to have found caves in the area with loads more engraved stones -- 100,000, even. But he never got around to telling people where that cave was so that dating could be completed on the stones. And again, the stones were carved with images from modern times: surgery! Astronomical inventions! Flying machines! Humans hanging out with dinosaurs [source: Fitzpatrick-Matthews]!

Now, note that the farmer who gave Cabrera the original stone did admit to carving some of them. And it's true there's a ton of them, at least, which could lead one to consider that the sheer number of them could be a compelling point. But it's also been posited that other people in the region have also used them to ply the tourist trade -- and that some of the stones might be at least somewhat authentic pre-Columbian art from the region [source: Fitzpatrick-Matthews].

All in all, the claims of the farmer and Cabrera (who died in 2001) just don't pass the scientific evidence test. So alas, the Ica stones, far more likely a product of an elaborate hoax (with a bit of pre-Columbian authenticity thrown in for good measure), will probably never be given a label of legitimacy by any scientific or academic authority." (3)

If anyone has any doubt left that young earth creationists teach the Earth is 6,000 years old and people rode dinosaurs, all they have to do is check out Kent Hovind's Creation Seminar #3 where he shows people riding dinosaurs on these fake Ica Stones.

So Ken Ham teaches it, Kent Hovind teaches it, and the same info can be found on dozens of YEC websites and facebook pages. Yes, they do teach it. 





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