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Destroying Young Earth Creationsm With Cam Muskelly


I had a great time today with Cam Muskelly from Duluth, GA who is an upcoming young paleontologist. Cam is part of an organization called Time Scavengers that focuses on teaching about climate change, paleontology, and evolution. He also volunteers at his local museum teaching geology and paleontology to both adults and children.

We looked at Kevin Conover's lesson about man living with dinosaurs from his online course for young earth creationism. Some of the topics we covered were:

Ica Stones (people riding dinosaurs)

Acambaro Figurines (more people riding dinosaurs)

Mokele-mbembe (dinosaur alive and well in the Congo)

Dinosaur soft tissue (Dr. Mary Schweitzer)

Some teenager from Pensacola (really!)

We had a great time debunking the creationist arguments and it was a fun discussion!

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