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Creationists Blaming All Their Problems On Darwin



Illegal drug use is a serious problem in many church congregations across the nation, especially in places like Atlanta, Georgia and across the southern US. Alcoholism is also rampant. Despite the effort of local Pastors the problem hasn't gone away and there's no end in sight.


Some creationists like to blame Charles Darwin and evolution being taught in schools for all of society's problems, including drug use, crime, sexually transmitted diseases, and alcoholism. They want the teaching of evolution removed from public schools for that reason. What we actually see is addiction and criminal behavior is very prevalent among those who reject evolution and attend church on a regular basis.


There simply is no credible correlation between teaching evolution in schools and the problems listed above. Why should we listen to someone who pretends that evolution is the cause, when it is obvious they have idea what the solution is and the efforts they have made through religious teaching have failed?


I asked a young earth creationist who makes this claim about evolution to respond in the facebook group Kent Hovind: The Man, The Ministry, And The Message to respond to this and will post his responses here with an update. 


UPDATE:  As expected, he has no answer but to simply blame Darwin. 


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