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Creationist Russ Miller Makes More Embarrassing Claims

Young earth creationist Russ Miller made a couple more embarrassing claims today on his personal facebook page.  There are no credible examples of human footprints found with dinosaur tracks and the most often used example, the Paluxy Tracks from Texas, has even been listed by major creationist organizations as an argument creationists should not use (1). Russ Miller doesn't care, he just goes on to further embarrass himself by posting about the Laetoli Tracks, calling a well documented species a "missing link," and even suggesting that the tracks were "100% the same as modern humans." 

Lets take a look at what was actually written about them after a recent study:

"Fossil footprints are truly the only direct evidence of walking in the past," said David Raichlen, PhD, associate professor at the University of Arizona. "By 3.6 million years ago, our data suggest that if you can account for differences in size, hominins were walking in a way that is very similar to living humans. While there may have been some nuanced differences, in general, these hominins probably looked like us when they walked." (2)

Notice that it was not suggested the tracks were made by modern humans or even that they were 100% the same as ours.  This is just Russ Miller twisting the data again and his followers lap it up.  There's no evidence the Laetoli Tracks were made by modern humans and they cannot be considered evidence that our species existed alongside other species millions of years ago. The thing about transitional species like Australopithecus afarensis is we would expect to see features of both earlier species of ape and features that came later, such as upright walking close to what we see in modern humans. He also makes the claim that only a worldwide flood could explain tracks like this. I guess he never actually read the papers published on the Laetoli tracks since they are preserved on volcanic ash. Not only does volcanic ash preserve tracks very well, creationists cannot explain how layers of ash would be preserved during a biblical flood. Almost all creationists believe and teach that layers dating to the time of the Laetoli Tracks were post flood, too.  Russ Miller is just all over the place and can't even keep his stories straight. 


1.  Arguments We Think Creationists Should Not Use

2.  Human-like walking mechanics evolved before the genus Homo


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