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Can Epigenetics Explain Punctuated Equilibrium?


This is not a new idea, but a new study published in the scientific journal Genes supports the hypothesis that epigenetic changes helped some species survive rapid environmental changes (1).  A recent article at (2) explains that although evolution by genetic mutation and natural selection occurs, guinea pig fathers were able to pass on important epigenetic changes to their offspring which left them better prepared for specific and rapid environmental changes.

"Adaptations to environmental change are the most important asset for the persistence of any plant or animal species. This is usually achieved through genetic mutation and selection, a slow process driven by chance. Faster and more targeted are so called epigenetic modifications which do not alter the genetic code but promote specialisations during cell maturation. A new study carried out by scientists from the Leibniz-IZW in Germany shows that in wild guinea pigs, epigenetic modifications specific to individual environmental factors are passed on to the next generation. The study is published in the scientific journal Genes." 

Many creationists have latched on to the study of epigenetics, claiming it is replacing evolution by natural selection as a way of adapting to environmental pressures. Anyone reading the actual studies published by scientists can see this is simply not true. Epigenetic changes are seen as just another way for variations in a population to occur, and if they are beneficial then they may be passed on. If they are not beneficial, then natural selection will weed them out. 




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2. Article: New epigenetic study: Guinea pig fathers pass on adaptive responses to environmental changes, December 28, 2018

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