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Booted From A Facebook Group For Exposing YEC Hate Speech

"The friend argument is an argument used by people who want to claim knowledge about and/or sympathy with a group, by referring to their "friends" belonging to this group. It is commonly used to clear and absolve oneself from suspicion of racismxenophobia or other kinds of prejudice. It is a particular form of the "Not prejudiced, but…" statement."  

I posted a link to a video in the Creationism facebook group that features two young men who were raised young earth creationists discussing how the Bible says gays should be put to death as an example of what kind of youth we can expect when children are raised on literature and lessons taught by prominent YEC preachers like Kent Hovind and Steven Anderson. The young man who runs the YouTube channel and goes by the name "Guzman1611," a reference to the KJV 1611 Bible, is an open supporter of Kent Hovind and Steven Anderson as well as other hate preachers, and he has made videos featuring their anti-homosexual and anti-science views. Unfortunately he was raised on this nonsense and people like Hovind and Anderson are responsible for creating a new generation of hate mongers and science deniers. 

The main admin of the Creationism facebook group, Ryan Tipple, removed my post because he said it condoned hate speech. It appears Ryan, a young earth creationist himself, either isn't too bright or was just too embarrassed by what the kids in the video were saying and didn't want to see YECism associated with such talk. He can't escape the fact that many of the same people who promote the earth is 6,000 years old and people rode dinosaurs are also hateful bigots, but I guess he can censor people who point that out and remove them from his group. 

Below is a link to the video in question at a time stamp where they justify killing homosexuals by what is written in the Bible. There are many examples of hate speech throughout the video, and please report it to YouTube. Hopefully it will be taken down and the entire channel removed.

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