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Random Genetic Mutation Was Beneficial To Humans


A recent article at highlights the results of a new study that shows a specific random mutation that caused brain size to increase in early hominins.  This refutes the creationist argument there are no beneficial mutations and it gives the specific genes involved. 

"His lab discovered 35 hominid—present only in apes and humans—genes that were active in foetal brain tissue. They then became intrigued by three specific genes—all similar to NOTCH genes, an ancient gene family involved in sending messages between cells and that are present in all animals. They found that the three new genes, collectively named NOTCH 2NL, were created by a copy and paste error of an original NOTCH gene.

This error created entirely new proteins which likely helped our ancestors' cerebral cortex to balloon. This is the part of our brain responsible for our language, imagination and problem-solving abilities. Scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have also identified the NOTCH 2NL genes in DNA from Homo sapiens' extinct cousins—the Neanderthals and Denisovans.

"'(The NOTCH 2NL) genes are only present in humans today. They were also present in Neanderthal DNA, but not in chimpanzees," Prof. Vanderhaeghen said."

The entire paper by The paper can be viewed or downloaded here:

Human-Specific NOTCH2NL Genes Expand Cortical Neurogenesis through Delta/Notch Regulation

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