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Correcting the Church of Unlimited Errors

I was a guest on Aron Ra's YouTube channel March 7, 2019 along with Dr. Donald Prothero, Danielle Erickson of the Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida, and Paleontology grad student Nick Brand,  where we tore apart the terrible young earth creationist nonsense promoted by megachurch pastor Bil Cornelius of Church Unlimited in Texas.

I have said for years that young earth creationists never come up with anything new, but this guy proved me wrong about that. some of the key points in his presentation were:

1. Because humans breath oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, and plants take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen, plants cannot live without humans and vice versa.

2. Scientists use carbon dating to date the earth, and they believe the earth is 350 million years old.

3. There are no fossilized plants found anywhere in the same layers as dinosaurs.

4. Complete dinosaur fossils are found all over the world, proving they were buried rapidly.

5. The rate of erosion on California's coast proves the continent can't be more that 1 1/2 million years old. 

Of course every single one of those points are not only wrong, they are easily demonstrated to be false. His presentation was humorous to the panel, but sad at the same time since he runs a chain of megachurches and reaches tens of thousands of people with this fabricated information.

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