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I despise headlines like these. Once upon a time, before we had a lot of fossil and genetic evidence, people thought human evolution was a linear process where we went directly from one species to the next, and because we hadn't found that many fossils they talked about "missing links." We now know that isn't how our evolution occurred. We have evidence that at any given time until around 50,000 years ago there were several types of humans (Genus Homo) around, although not always the same species as us. Homo floresiensis died out by 50,000 years ago and Homo neanderthalensis was gone by 30,000 years ago. As recent as 250,000 years ago there were as many as nine types of humans alive depending on how they are classiffed.
Our evolutionary tree is more like a bush with many branches that sometimes grow apart and then intertwine again, featuring separate populations with unique and sometimes transitional features. Natural Selection weeds out what isn't advantageous, and keeps those features that are better suited for whichever environment that population occupies. Over time the changes add up and what we see is much different than what came before, the further back you look, the more differences you see.

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