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A Disgusting Display Of Extreme Creationist Ignorance


I've seen several young earth creationists share this video of a man with microcephaly as evidence that either Homo erectus is alive today, or that if paleoanthropologists dug up a skull with these features they would automatically call it a different species.

I reported the posts as mocking someone with a disease or disability and hopefully facebook will remove them.  It is as if these ignorant creationists don't believe modern paleoanthropologists couldn't tell the difference between our species suffering from microcephaly compared to earlier species that have several other defining traits. No scientist would find a skull like this buried in a modern layer and assume it belonged to a new or ancient species as we know the signs of the disability and we know we are the only species alive on the planet at the time. The immaturity and ignorance of those who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old and people rode dinosaurs is hard to fathom sometimes. This is why we need more science education, to prevent this kind of extreme ignorance. 

Lol, insert "Neandertal Man just an old man with rickets" here. What a buffoon! 

See above, Dori (fake profile) whatever your real name is. Your fantasy is that arguing with people on facebook and mocking people with disabilities is going to change someone's mind. 

UPDATE: Even Gary Robokoff has jumped on the Homo erectus found in Brazil bandwagon and uploaded the video to his YouTube Channel. Of course he's always a few days late and just a copycat so no one is really watching it.



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