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2019 Geological Society of America National Convention.

On Wednesday, September 23, 2019 I was part of the team presenting a new discovery made this year here in Arizona that slightly revises dates of some of the layers part way up the Mogollon Rim east of Payson, AZ.  The initial discovery was made by Tom Olson (center) and I was invited to participate in the excavation of the site by Dr. Spencer Lucas (right) of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. We held the 3 day excavation back in May of this year and collected around 100 redbed slabs that contained reptile and amphibian tracks, ferns, conifers, and trace fossils and burrows left by insects and crustaceans. 

Dr. Ron Blakey, who did the most recent stratigraphy study of the area back in the early 90's, was there and he was open to suggestions by Dr. Lucas that this layer was slightly younger that previously thought based on index fossils and the type of tracks we found. 

I also ran into young earth creationist geologists Leonard Brand and John C. Whitmore. Dr. Whitmore had a poster on the Coconino Sandstone claiming the preserved dunes found in the Coconino were made under water (Noah's Flood).  Dr. Lucas read the poster and then politely explained why Whitmore's interpretation was wrong. He also showed where a type of mineral featured in the poster was misidentified. Whitmore cited Lucas 17 times in a paper he wrote for Answers Research Journal (AiG) last year.  I managed to get selfies with both Brand and Whitmore below.

The convention was a great experience and I also got to meet several other geologists and see a couple of presentations. We are scheduled for another expedition east of Payson, AZ on some more recent, unrelated fossils in May, 2020. If it goes as well as the last one I may be attending another convention soon!

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