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Blog posts June 2019

Another Terrible Science Headline

A recent headline and article in Archaeology World Magazine written by an anonymous team of authors reads as though it was written by someone who hasn't studied paleoanthropology for decades, if at all. Beginning with the title, the oldest "human" fossils found outside Africa are currently the D…

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Discovering Lucy

Lots of activities with the family today so not much time for a blog post but here is a great video on Donald Johanson's discovery of Lucy, the fossil that creationists love to hate.  

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Herbivorous Crocodiles Must Have Lived Before The Fall?

The extreme idiocy of some young earth creationists never ceases to amaze me. There is a facebook page called "Darwin And The Mythical Evolutionary Beanstalk" that is run by someone so challenged they cannot grasp the basics of evolutionary theory and cannot even understand a simple article when…

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BBC Radio: The Secret History Of Science And Religion

Not much free time for a blog post today, but this is an excellent 28 minute BBC Radio 4 Program. 

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Working Conditions At Ken Ham's Ark Park And Creation Museum Are Horrible

The following is an excerpt from an open letter written by a young woman who is a former employee of Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis. It was posted on her facebook page June 19, 2019:

"During my time there I witnessed rank partiality and favoritism, nepotism, inconsistent or non-existent c…

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Gary Robokoff Is At It Again

UPDATE: New Video Coming On My Internet Stalker And Interview With A Major News Agency

I had all of my creepy internet stalker's YouTube channels removed in a single day thanks to a new contact at their main office so I emailed him and told him I would remove all my blog posts and hide all the vi…

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Booted From A Facebook Group For Exposing YEC Hate Speech

"The friend argument is an argument used by people who want to claim knowledge about and/or sympathy with a group, by referring to their "friends" belonging to this group. It is commonly used to clear and absolve oneself from suspicion of racismxenophobia or other kinds of prejudic…

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Rise Of The Synapsids Is Being Documented Here In Arizona

Above:  Images of ongoing Permian track research here in Arizona

The track research I've been doing here in Arizona helps document the rise of the synapsids from early amniotes at the end of the Carboniferous to the diverse group they became before their almost complete extinction at the…

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New Video Interview!

I was recently interviewed for the new Evolution Soup YouTube Channel by Mark Torrender from London, England. Mark also hosts the popular Talk Beliefs channel, but in this video I wanted to focus on recent discoveries and developments in Human Origins and not creationism. I will be uploading a c…

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Great News!

All 9 channels and hundreds of videos uploaded by my creepy internet stalker have been removed by YouTube and I now have an individual there I can contact if he uploads them again. I get to decide which videos and/or channels can stay and which have to go.  He's still trying to register a Fe…

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New Video!

Some young earth creationists have brought up fields of rounded boulders or giant boulders at high elevation as evidence of a catastrophic worldwide flood. One creationist street preacher mentioned this very formation to me a few years ago, but I haven’t seen anything about it published in creationi…

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Review Of Kent Hovind's Dinosaur Adventureland On Yelp

SATURDAY 9/22/2018. 

Read Kathy R.'s review of Dinosaur Adventure Land on Yelp

"We saw people looking at us curiously from the cabins but no one else came to help us. This was creepy and reminded me of movies where unsuspecting victims meet their untimely demise."

I'm copying and pasting …

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Reaching The Next Generation Of Young Earth Creationism Salesmen

Yesterday the Standing For Truth YouTube channel uploaded a video that supposedly showed evidence for preserved ancient trees that existed before Noah's Flood. The channel is run by a young man who is quite a fan of Mr. Kent Hovind.  They showed several images of Devil's Tower in Wyoming. While …

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Great New PBS Special On Whale Evolution This Week!

"From voracious crocodiles and acrobatic birds to stupendous whales and majestic elephants, When Whales Walked: Journeys in Deep Time follows top scientists on a global adventure as they follow clues from the fossil record and change what we thought we knew about the evolution of iconic beasts.…

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New Feature On Patreon


Patrons will get advance notice on some of my upcoming videos, will be able to view the original material being discussed, and can make suggestions or give their input. 

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Ken Ham's boat that couldn't float sure looks different from the back!

The Kent Hovind Videos Are The Most Popular!

My videos about Kent Hovind sure are the most popular, probably because so many of his followers stop by to watch them. My most recent one was my most viewed video for the first two days so far. I'm working on a few different videos right now including exposing another of the organizations that …

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Special Advance Viewing For My Blog Readers

Here's an unlisted copy of my next video I published on my Creation Science Fiction channel a day early.


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Christians, Human Evolution, And The Christian Worldview

I had a great day volunteering at the Arizona Museum of Natural History yesterday where I teach Human Evolution. Public School field trips have ended for the season here because of Summer break, but we still get charter schools and Summer Camps so there are plenty of adults and children every da…

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My Creepy Internet Stalker Acting Like A 10 Year Old Girl Again

Gary Robokoff created another fake female profile, he seems to like pretending to be a young female, and started posting his usual nonsense in his facebook groups and on his (her?) page. Maybe he identifies as a young female now? Who are we to judge...  I actually feel sorry for the old guy as he …

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