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Blog posts April 2019

Does It Take More Faith To Be An Atheist?

You hear it all the time, comments like "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" (it's even a book title), or today I saw "[Science] requires more faith in the 'god' of random chance than we need to have in God The Father." Is it really the same kind of faith?

There are two types of fai…

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I Agree With NephilimFree

Well I think I finally met the bottom of the YEC barrel, at least among the YouTube community. Some guy who goes by "NephilimFree" took some clips from my debate with Kent Hovind and made a video saying I think creationists believe only a single layer was created during the biblical flood. I made a …

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Back From The Grand Canyon And Petrified Forest

I'm back from a visit to the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest with lots of excellent photos that debunk creationist claims the layers were formed during a single worldwide flood. The Trail Of Time exhibit just west of the Yavapai Geology Museum gives everyone the chance to see what each layer looks…

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Scheduled Video Premier

I'm heading to Northern Arizona for a couple of days to show a visiting friend the Grand Canyon and some other sites, so instead of making a new video I have a video recommended by author Peter J. Reilly that was produced by Jonathan Schwartz of Interlock Media Films about crazy Dr. Dino.

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Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjos!

I never intended to focus so much time on Kent Hovind this week, but someone sent me a link to a facebook post where the locals in Repton, Alabama were discussing things happening around Kent's cult compound and I decided to make a video about it.

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Kent Hovind Eats Apricot Seeds And Appears Dazed And Confused

Mister Kent Hovind dedicated a video to me uploaded on 4/17/2019 where he was supposedly responding to a couple videos I made on the nonsense he peddles, but instead of addressing the content of the videos he chose to attack the comments on my latest video and personally challenge each one to a …

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Important New Skull Added At The AZMNH

I volunteer once or twice a week at the Arizona Museum of Natural History where I teach human origins to children on school field trips, or anyone who is visiting the museum that day. We've been slowly adding to our collection of skulls and stone tool artifacts and today we received the Bodo sku…

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Guest On Steve McRae's YouTube Channel Monday, April 15 2019

I was asked to join a conversation with host Steve McRae, a young earth creationist, and former young earth creationists and I sat in for the second half of the show. 

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My YouTube Channel Is Finally Taking Off

After uploading 80 videos the past couple years, it seems all that work is finally paying off and I'm developing a regular group of subscribers and commenters, and all this without paying a dime to promote them or paying for artificial views.  Since people seem to really enjoy watching Kent Hovi…

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Eric Hovind Lies To Children About Dinosaurs

Eric Hovind has been promoting a fossil dig where children can "discover their own dinosaur" on both his facebook and twitter accounts as well as his website.  The dig is this weekend at the Peace River in Arcadia, Florida. The problem is there are no layers containing dinosaur fossils in that a…

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Kent Hovind Gets A Lesson On "Cavemen"

I haven't done a video on Kent Hovind for a while, but this "NEW" video in his seminar series was too good to pass up.

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New Extinct Human Species Found In The Philippines!

A new species of extinct hominin has been described, Homo luzonensis, named after the Island of Luzon where it was found. This diminutive species was as small or smaller than the "Hobbit" (Homo floresiensis).  Not much to go by yet, but they have found several teeth, hand and foot bones, and one…

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Neandertals And Woolly Mammoths Evolved Genetic Similarities

A new study links convergent evolutionary changes within Neandertals and Woolly Mammoths with epigenetic and genetic modifications in response to the cold environment they both endured.  The Woolly Mammoth evolved in Arctic Eurasia around 600,000 years ago from an African ancestor. Neandertals e…

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Documentary On Ken Ham's Ark Encounter To Premier Next Week

The documentary film "We Believe In Dinosaurs" is set to premier next week at the San Francisco Film Festival. It covers the construction and opening of Ken Ham's Ark Encounter amusement park and tries to get at the motivation behind it all. Looking forward to seeing this as it becomes available…

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The Day The Dinosaurs Died

A new discovery in the Hell Creek Formation near Bowman, North Dakota gives us direct evidence that dinosaurs survived right up until the comet hit 66 million years ago. The discovery is right at the layer featuring the K-Pg Boundary and contains direct evidence of the meteor strike.

"The he…

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How Can You Tell Mental Illness From Religious Fervor?

A December, 2016 article in Scientific American discussed this very subject.          

"My colleagues and I often care for patients suffering from hallucinations, prophesying, and claiming to speak with God, among other symptoms—in mental health care, it’s sometimes very difficult to tell a…

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Local Paper Uses Kent Hovind's Mugshot To Advertise Church Event

A local paper in Petal, Mississippi used one of Kent Hovind's mug shots to advertise his upcoming speaking engagement this weekend at a local church. The author of the article obviously wanted to make a point, and she did so brilliantly! 

From the article:

"Vision Baptist Church has i…

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Random Genetic Mutation Was Beneficial To Humans


A recent article at highlights the results of a new study that shows a specific random mutation that caused brain size to increase in early hominins.  This refutes the creationist argument there are no beneficial mutations and it gives the specific genes involved. 

"His lab…

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