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Blog posts March 2019

Ken Ham Is Mad He's Losing The Next Generation Of Ark Park Customers

Here's Ken Ham's recent facebook post where he blames everyone else but himself for the rise of "nones," people who say they are not part of any religion.

"There is no such position as "no religion." Atheists claim they don't have a religion but instead say they have a "non-belief." This is n…

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Destroying Young Earth Creationsm With Cam Muskelly


I had a great time today with Cam Muskelly from Duluth, GA who is an upcoming young paleontologist. Cam is part of an organization called Time Scavengers that focuses on teaching about climate change, paleontology, and evolution. He also volunteers at his local museum teaching geology and …

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Lots Of New Videos On YouTube!

I haven't had much time to write in my blog lately because I've been busy making new videos. Check out the playlists of videos on "Young Earth Creationist Professor" Dr. Charles Jackson and others about Old Earth Creationist Dr. Hugh Ross of Reasons To Believe Ministry on Human Origins.

Dr. Charl…

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Nat Geo Live - Wild Seas, Secret Shores With Thomas Peschak


I spent this morning at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, AZ with Arizona Museum of Natural History educators and volunteers where we saw an amazing presentation by marine biologist, photographer, and National Geographic Explorer Thomas Peschak. We spoke with students as they arrived for the s…

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Creationists Blaming All Their Problems On Darwin



Illegal drug use is a serious problem in many church congregations across the nation, especially in places like Atlanta, Georgia and across the southern US. Alcoholism is also rampant. Despite the effort of local Pastors the problem hasn't gone away and there's no end in sight.

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Just Another Misleading And Dishonest Creationist Meme

This is a typical creationist meme, this time shared by a page that claims to be about "Intelligent Design."  Since Lucy's discovery in 1974 there have been fossils from at least 400 different members of her species found. They have also found nearly complete skulls so we know just what the memb…

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Will Young Earth Creationists Hijack This New Find?


A recent paper published in the the scientific journal L'Anthropologie on February 28 called Humanizing European Paleolithic art: A new visual evidence of human/bird interactions at L’Hort de la Boquera shows and describes rare art that features humans and birds dating to 12,500 years a…

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Video #8 On The Online Course For Creationism - Walking With Dinosaurs?

Jackson Wheat joined me for my latest video about an online course for young earth creationists. This is the 8th video in the series and we discuss the "evidence" for man living with dinosaurs. Kevin Conover tries to make a case for people living to be up to 900 years old "before the flood," but of …

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When Young Earth Creationists Go Bad

My Young Earth Creationist Internet Stalker keeps trying to attack my education and credentials, but all he shows is he doesn't understand what goes on at institutes of higher learning, and he doesn't know the difference between credentials and affiliations. He actually thinks that a University Engl…

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Correcting the Church of Unlimited Errors

I was a guest on Aron Ra's YouTube channel March 7, 2019 along with Dr. Donald Prothero, Danielle Erickson of the Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida, and Paleontology grad student Nick Brand,  where we tore apart the terrible young earth creationist nonsense promoted by megachurch pastor Bil …

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Debunking Old Earth Creationism On Human Origins

About a year and a half ago I was invited to a discussion with Dr. Fazale Rana on Steve McRae's YouTube channel and it turned into a bunch of people asking questions and I never really got to address the issues I see with what Dr. Rana teaches. I ran across some notes I had made about this presentat…

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The Grand Canyon Destroys Noah's Flood Again

This is the 7th video in the series on Kevin Conover's Online Course for Creationism and the final video about "Noah's Flood" where I get to talk about one of my favorite topics, The Grand Canyon. The next video will be about "Did Man Walk With Dinosaurs" and I will be joined by Jackson Wheat!

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"Meet The Scientist Day" At The Arizona Museum Of Natural History

Spent this morning and early afternoon with ASU Grad Student and Paleoanthropologist John Murray talking skulls and stone tools, and discussing Human Origins with museum visitors.


From John's ASU Page at


"John Murray is a graduate student i…

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Creationist Online Course Part 6: Noah's Flood Part 4

The sixth video in a series about a creationist online course by Kevin Conover. This is about the evidence for a biblical flood, or actually the lack thereof, and there will be one more video on this topic before we move on to The Age Of The Earth, Did Man Walk With Dinosaurs, and his class on Answe…

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