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Blog posts January 2019

Things That Make It All Worthwhile

I was talking about Human Origins with a group of children at the museum recently and I pointed to the image of Ardi (Ardipithecus ramidas) we have on wall and asked the kids what the big difference was between between her species and Lucy's species, Australopithecus afarensis. This young man lo…

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I spent this morning with museum employees and volunteers at the Mesa Arts Center for an amazing presentation of Wildlife Photography by National Geographic Explorer Bertie Gregory. Since his presentation was about wildlife, we took fossils of extinct wild animals from North America like the sabor …

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I despise headlines like these. Once upon a time, before we had a lot of fossil and genetic evidence, people thought human evolution was a linear process where we went directly from one species to the next, and because we hadn't found that many fossils they talked about "missing links." …

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Appearing Live On The NonSequitur Show With Aron Ra And Special Guests

At 9:00 EST on Tuesday, January 29 I will be appearing live on The NonSequitur Show with Aron Ra and special guests to discuss Christian/Creationist retaliation and hate mail. I have had quite a bit of hate mail since my debate with young earth creationist Kent Hovind, and there is one story in part…

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Beware Of Imitations!

My creepy internet stalker has created three new lookalike YouTube pages trying to steal traffic from my channel. This is the same guy who just can't find time to do a live debate, lol. He's gone totally off the deep end, spending thousands of dollars attacking my business and all his time creating …

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How Can DNA Last 430,000 Years?

A lot of creationists question the ability of scientists to recover and analyze ancient DNA, so when I was asked about this recently I took the opportunity to make a video that explains it. 


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A Disgusting Display Of Extreme Creationist Ignorance


I've seen several young earth creationists share this video of a man with microcephaly as evidence that either Homo erectus is alive today, or that if paleoanthropologists dug up a skull with these features they would automatically call it a different species.

I reported the…

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New Human Origins Training Video For The AZMNH

I was asked to do a training video on human origins for volunteers at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. This video does not include all the evidence from the time period discussed, but instead focuses on the fossils and materials currently available for volunteers there.


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John Hawks On Our African Origins

The following is a link to an excellent, recent lecture given by paleoanthropologist John Hawks in front of the American Society for Human Genetics. John Hawks is unique in that he has a background and education in studying both genetics and the fossil record. This conflicts with the young earth cr…

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Hate Mail And Death Threats!

My Young earth creationist stalker has been at it again. I posted a video a while back about how he has been bragging about how much money he has and how he says the thousands of dollars he spent attacking my business last year by fraudulently applying for a trade name and trademark on my business n…

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