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FEATURED DEBATE: Bill Ludlow vs Kent Hovind

Debate on the topic "Is There Evidence For Human Evolution?"



Bill Ludlow vs Eric "Wolfbitn" Jewell - January 2018

Are Neandertals Just A Race Of Modern Humans?

Dr. Herman Mays vs Kent Hovind - January 2018

Does Biology Support Evolution?

King Crocoduck vs Kent Hovind I - June 2017

Age Of The Universe

Bill Nye vs Ken Ham

Bill Nye wasn't the best person to go up against Ken Ham but he did okay.

Bill Ludlow vs Paul Humber - June 2016 - Did Dinosaurs Co-Exist With Man?

Bill Ludlow vs Kevin Conover - December 2018

The Age Of The Earth

Dr. Herman Mays vs Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson - Sept 2018

Replacing Darwin?

King Crocoduck vs Kent Hovind II - June 2017

More On The Universe

Richaed Dawkins Interviews Wendy Wright

How to talk to a wall.

Steven Pinker vs Nick Spencer • Have Science, Reason And Humanism Replaced Faith?