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David Rives Gets It All Wrong In A Video About Dinosaurs

David Rives Ministries


Bent and Folded Strata – Geological Folding and Noah’s Flood | David Rives

Flood Geology has reached a new low in a series of videos produced by David Rives Ministries. In this short video above called "Bent and Folded Strata – Geological Folding and Noah’s Flood," Rives gives several examples of "sediment laid down rapidly in the catastrophic event of the flood" including images of folded igneous rock and eolian sand dunes, neither of which could have formed during any flood. The igneous rock was formed below the surface through cooling and solidification of magma, and eolian sandstone is formed under dry desert conditions. Whoever chose those as examples didn't do any research at all. Floods don't cause folded rock, the movement of tectonic plates does. Sedimentary rock doesn't fold while it is still wet and soft, it folds under extreme heat and pressure during lithification. 

Polystrate Trees | Upright Trees Are Evidence of Catastrophe | David Rives

These fossilized trees are not evidence of a global deluge, but of a local catastrophic event. Geologists know that sometimes layers are formed and others take millions of years due to their depositional environment. At 2:49 David claims "If a secular geologist saw these same layers of strata anywhere else they would conclude that each layer was laid down slowly over time, taking several million years." That is false. Most, if not all in situ (polystrate) tree fossils are found in fluvial deposits often within a crevasse splay deposition.


Fluvial deposits are easy to recognize by looking at the grain size, grain shape, and grain surface texture of the sediment, and by determining if it was deposited in a unidirectional manner. Geologists figured this out back in the 1800's and these upright tree fossils are no mystery. No one claims these trees were buried upright as millions of years of sediment accumulated around them as suggested by evolutionary time frames. A little more research as to what geologists have written about these formations would have benefited you and prevented you from creating that straw man argument.


If this were the result of a worldwide catastrophic event, we would expect to see these preserved upright trees throughout most sedimentary layers all over the world. We don't see that at all. The only logical conclusion is these deposits formed in a freshwater river environment subjected to intermittent massive flooding caused by massive spring runoff or breaching of a natural dam.

Bible Knows Best: Rapid Erosion and the Grand Canyon | David Rives

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