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About Bill Ludlow


Bill studied at Lansing Community College and Michigan State University and has been an avid amateur geologist, paleontologist, and fossil collector for many years.  His interest in the Creation/Evolution controversy began in college during discussions with classmates and grew after discovering internet forums and more recently facebook groups dedicated to the subject.  As retail manager and personnel trainer for a national RV accessories chain for 17 years he traveled much of the country for business and pleasure, has lived in Michigan, California, Oregon, and currently resides in Arizona.  He is the owner of Dirty Goat Productions, an entertainment company he founded in 2006. 

Bill spends much of his time in the field in Arizona studying the landscape, searching for fossils, and fishing whenever possible.  He is a member of the Geological Society of America, Southwest Paleontological Society, and the National Center for Science Education.  He currently volunteers at the Arizona Museum of Natural History where he teaches Human Origins.  His discoveries of 270 million year old mammal-like reptile tracks in Arizona on the Mogollon Rim were presented at the regional Geological Society of America Convention in Flagstaff, AZ in May 2018. He was just awarded a 5 year permit by the Federal Government to continue studying and collecting data in that region. 


Bill's ongoing scientific research on tetrapod tracks in the Coconino Sandstone can be viewed on Researchgate, where his poster presentation is uploaded and upcoming papers we be uploaded after publication. 

Bill Ludlow on Researchgate


Presentation at the Geological Society of America Regional Convention in Flagstaff, AZ in 2018


Presentation at the Geological Society of America National Convention in Phoenix, AZ in September, 2019.



Bill has completed the following online college level courses since Fall 2015:


Human Evolution/Paleoanthropology

Human Origins – Arizona State University ASM246 - with Donald Johanson

Introduction To Human Evolution ANTH207 – Wellesley College

Becoming Human - Macquarie University

Homo Floresiensis Uncovered - University of Wollongong

Origins Of The Human Mind - Kyoto University

Origins of Human Language –  Shigeru Miyagawa, MIT

Human Osteoarchaeology - The Truth In Our Bones - University Of Lieden

Bipedalism, The Science Of Walking Upright - Dartmouth University

Charles Darwin, Evolution, and Tropical Australia - Charles Darwin University

How We Date Human Evolution - Griffith University



Ancient Marine Reptiles – University of Alberta

Early Vertebrate Evolution – University of Alberta

Therapod Dinosaurs and The Origin Of Birds – University of Alberta

Dinosaur Paleobiology – University of Alberta



GEO101x Geoscience the Earth and its Resources - Delft University

The Earth In My Pocket – Introduction To Geology – The Open University

Planet Earth – University of Illinois

Mountains 101 - University Of Alberta


Courses On Teaching Science

Evolution: A Course For Educators – American Museum of Natural History

The Dynamic Earth – A Course For Educators – American Museum of Natural History

Understanding And Teaching Evolution - The University Of Bath


Other Science Courses

Big History - Connecting Knowledge - Macquarie University

Recovering Humankind's Past (Archaeology) – University Of Rome

Archaeology - From Dig To Lab and Beyond - University of Reading

The Emergence Of Life – University of Illinois

The Science Of Religion – University of British Columbia

Origins – Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth, and Life – University of Copenhagen


Bill Ludlow And Lawrence Krauss On The NonSequitur Show 2/26/19



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