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Blog Post About Russ Miller

I also wrote a recent blog post about Russ Miller HERE

Russ Miller - Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries

Russ is an author, speaker, tour guide and operates an online ministry at

“If rivers carve out canyons over millions of years of time and the Earth is 4.6 billion years old, why doesn’t every river, gully, stream etc. inside of its own Grand Canyon by now?

The answer is the earth is not that old and rivers haven’t had time to dig out canyons if indeed they do carve out large canyons.”

He really said that at 7:30 in the video above.  Then Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor agree. 

At 14:50 he claims “old earth” explanations must believe the Colorado River carved a mile through the Kaibab Upwarp.  He is either ignorant or is deliberately misrepresenting facts here. 

At 16:25 he claims the Colorado River had absolutely nothing to do with forming the canyon.

At 17:30 he claims that barbed canyons, which were formed back when the river flowed the opposite direction, were created by “backwash” after it broke through the Kaibab Uplift.