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The London Hammer

Found near London, TX in 1936, the "London Hammer" has been promoted by creationists as evidence that modern tools are found in rock layers dated hundreds of millions of years old suggesting the dating methods are wrong.  In reality, the hammer was not naturally embedded in any specific layer.  The sediment surrounding the hammer dissolved from a layer of limestone upstream which formed a concretion around it. 

Glen Kuban has compiled all the information we know so far about the hammer on his website at



The Paluxy Tracks

The Paluxy Riverbed nead Glen Rose, TX has many nicely preserved dinosaur tracks along with some that creationists believe look like human tracks walking alongside them.  Closer inspection reveals the "human" tracks are Metatarsal dinosaur tracks where the toes were filled as the wet mud collapsed.  The lines are clearly visible where the dinosaur toes should be. 

If Evolutionists Found Nikolai Valuev's Skull...


There are a few versions of this meme going around, but they all say basically the same thing.  Creationists apparently believe scientists would classify Nikolai Valuev as a Neandertal if his skull were dug up somewhere.  It is as if they think brow ridges are the only thing we use to identify Neandertal fossils.  The most obvious difference is he has a pronounced chin where Neandertals do not and his skull is tall and rounded where they had a sloping brow and a much larger occipital area at the rear.  






The Angkor Wat "Stegosaurus"

A supposed carving of a Stegosaurus on the Ta Prohn Temple in Cambodia has been one of the most popular creationist hoaxes in recent years.  The carved image looks very close to the Javan Rhino which inhabited Southeast Asia in recent history and would have been familiar to those who made the carving.  The only thing creationists focus on are the "plates" which could have been a stylized background that is seen on other carvings, they completely ignore the fact the head, tail, and about everything else is wrong.  The Smithsonian has a good article on this here:







Erie Baby - The Baby Lake Erie Monster

In an attempt to show dinosaurs are still alive today, Carl Baugh and Kent Hovind promoted a baby Lake Erie Monster back in the 1990's.  The supposed monster was found in 1992 by taxidermist Larry Petersen along the shore of Lake Erie and was mounted and placed in his bait and tackle store in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was purchased by Carl Baugh and placed in his Creation Evidence Museum in Texas.  The monster later turned out to be a long fish called a burbot. 

Lake Erie Sea Monster? by Glen Kuban