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My Live Debate With Eric "Wolfbitn" Jewell - Are Neandertals Just Another Race Of Modern Man?

Time for the year end Science vs Creation Science meme!

Live Debate With Kent Hovind Friday, July 14!  They say he's never lost.  You be the judge. 

Ankgor Wat Temple Stegosaurus Is No More

Even Answers in Genesis realized this is an argument creationists should not use.

New Creation Museum TV Ad With Appropriate Music Added

Dr. Mary Schweitzer And Paul G Humber of CR Ministries

Dr. Mary Schweitzer Sums Up Young Earth Creationists And Their Arguments In Less Than One Minute

Ken Ham Talks About Riding Dinosaurs

Dr. Charles Jackson Speaks On Human Evolution - And Shows What Little He Knows

David Rives Gets It All Wrong In A Video About Dinosaurs