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Bill's Green River Formation Fossil Collection


Creationists often post images of fish dying in the act of eating another fish as evidence they were buried rapidly in Noah's Flood. I've always seen this as one of the worst arguments, right up there with clams on mountaintops and whales in the desert. The fish died because it choked on a meal that got stuck in its throat, not because it was covered in the act of eating. There is absolutely no evidence these fossils were covered quickly, in fact the evidence shows otherwise. Once you understand what you are really looking at, the creationist argument falls apart.


The Green River Formation covers parts of Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. The average age of the fossils found there is about 50 million years. It is well known for its well preserved fish and other animals as well as plants. The plants tell us what the climate was like at the time and the presence of only freshwater fish species tells us it was obviously a freshwater system.  No evidence of mixed salt and freshwater is found as one would predict with a biblical flood. 

Like other lagerstatten fossil deposits, the Green River Formation fossils contain extremely well preserved specimens, many of which contain preserved organic material or "soft tissue." Keep in mind that "soft tissue" is a type of tissue not the physical state it is found in. I have prepped many of these fossils containing preserved organic material myself. The reason they are so well preserved is they were covered with fine sediment under anoxic (no oxygen) conditions so no bacteria were around the decompose the organic material. Annual varves show these fish would have been covered within a year or two.


The Green River Formation is one of the most studied fossil sites in the United States. We know where the sediment came from, how large and deep the lakes were, how old the layers are, sediment accumulation rate, and how and why the lakes disappeared. Chron C22r dating is used extensively and cross checked with radiometric dating as well as known magnetic reversals. The data suggests slow accumulation of thin layers of sediment over time with annual varves, not any sort of rapid burial.


There is no need to invoke a biblical flood here, and the fact we find freshwater fossils of this type in specific locations and not all over the world is evidence against any such flood. If creationists would take a few minutes to learn just a little about the fossil evidence they post, they wouldn't make so many false assumptions.


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