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Gary Robokoff of Makinen, MN has been actively harassing Bill Ludlow on the internet since 2017.  Mr. Robokoff filed for a Federal Trade Name and Trademark on Bill Ludlow's State of Arizona registered business trade name and trademark on February 8, 2018 in order to further harass Bill and attack him financially.  If his applications are approved, Mr. Robokoff has threatened to sue in order to have Bill stop using the name Dirty Goat Productions and the Goat Head Logo that Bill purchased the rights for and has used exclusively for the past 12 years.  If Mr. Robokoff follows through with his threats he may face Federal charges for common law trademark infringement, copyright infringement, fraud, harassment, and malicious prosecution.  Mr. Robokoff has already attempted to have Bill Ludlow's Dirty Goat Productions business facebook page and posts removed based on the pending applications.  Mr. Robokoff has spent thousands of dollars on this premeditated attack on Bill's business.  Many incriminating and libelous statements have been made by Mr. Robokoff about Bill Ludlow on facebook and other social media sites.  People who conspired with Mr. Robokoff to harass Bill Ludlow, spread false information, share the videos, and offered their web design services may also be added as Defendants in a Federal Lawsuit.  If Mr. Robokoff chooses not to withdraw the applications, he will be forced to defend his actions and the information he provided on the applications in Federal court

Bill Ludlow's written response to internet harassment and illegal use of trade name by Gary Robokoff of Makinen, MN can be found here:

Gary Robokoff has uploaded over 80 videos to various YouTube, Dailymotion, Streamable, and Vimeo channels since December, 2017 using fake account names with the sole intent of harassing and mocking Bill Ludlow.  Some also attack Bill's established entertainment company. While at least 90% have been removed for violating their Terms Of Service, a few still remain.  

If Gary Robokoff is willing to withdraw his applications for Bill Ludlow's Dirty Goat Productions trade name and trademark before August 14, 2018 along with all videos featuring Bill Ludlow, his image, or mention of him, Bill Ludlow will immediately remove this page and all it's contents as well as any social media posts mentioning Gary Robokoff.  That is a fair deal and Gary Robokoff should seriously consider accepting the offer.  No further offers will be presented and if the terms offered are not met by August 14, 2018 a Notice Of Opposition will be filed with the USPTO clearly demonstrating the information Gary Robokoff provided on his applications was fraudulent.  

Time's Up!