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Eric Hovind

Eric Hovind is the son of creationism salesman Kent Hovind and after his father was sent to prison for 8 years he took over the family business and became a creationism salesman too.

Eric Hovind and Ben Schettler did a little experiment last year where Eric claims to have shown how the Grand Canyon formed quickly and they made almost a whole episode about the canyon and the flood. I won't even go into the obvious reasons why their little experiment did not show it formed rapidly, I'm more interested in pointing out blatantly false information they are spreading. At 20:18 in the video Ben Schettler says "Every layer has marine fossils in it." Eric nods and agrees with him. Claims it is proof of the flood. They re-state "every layer." That's just false. He later claims there are no plant fossils found anywhere in the layers. Wrong again.

The Supai Group contains both marine and non-marine deposits and fossils including plants. The Coconino Sandstone above that contains no marine fossils at all. Not a single one. These are layers they believe were laid down during the flood. This information is readily available. Are they deliberately lying or are they making claims without studying it at all? At what point do we say it is a lie?

Eric Hovind and the "Petrified Clams"

Eric Hovind sells brachiopods as clams to unsuspecting children as evidence for a biblical flood.  As his father also claims in several videos, clams usually die with shells open so a clam that is buried with its shell closed must have been rapidly buried by the biblical flood.  What we see in the package and what Eric is holding in his Creation Today video are brachiopods.  While slightly related to clams, brachiopods have a different muscular structure and do not open naturally when the animal dies like clams do.